ZoneAlarm SocialGuard Facebook Kids Internet Security Software

Internet Security Solutions For Facebook?

Who doesn’t know Facebook? A social networking sites are very popular and probably most of the world’s population have a Facebook account. Not only used by parents, but children can access them easily and quickly. For parents, maintain and monitor the children were very important, especially when communicating with others in cyberspace. If not careful, then Facebook could be a negative thing for the kids. Therefore, we need to supervise all children’s activities while connected to the internet, especially when using Facebook. There is one security solution that recently very popular, namely SocialGuard.

ZoneAlarm SocialGuard is a security software that scans millions of records using a unique algorithm to determine the threats and send alerts to you, not just once but can take place daily. It is the right tool to protect all information and key data you have, because it can reduce and prevent identity theft is often the case in cyberspace / internet.

Download Free & Install ZoneAlarm SocialGuard Facebook Security

ZoneAlarm SocialGuard

Functions and Features of ZoneAlarm SocialGuard:

  1. prevent theft of your bank account from hackers
  2. continue to perform a scan on your Facebook account and alert you immediately if it detects malicious activity of identity thieves
  3. to know who’s stalking your Facebook account
  4. identifies each person who wants to get your Facebook account and misuse
  5. SocialGuard warns you dangerous link in your newsfeed, on your wall, and in your private messages Facebook.
  6. Get warning alarm is sent in real-time
  7. block and notify you of dangerous web address URL
  8. Detecting cyberbullies and predators
  9. SocialGuard scan alarming words in private messages, status updates, wall posts and friend

How to Use SocialGuard?

Well …. Immediately download and install ZoneAlarm SocialGuard to protect your Facebook account from a variety of undesirable things, let alone of identity thieves. Since it was a lot of cases that mention the facebook users suddenly could update themselves, send a friend request itself, and perhaps other negative things that make up the User’s name became corrupted. Therefore, keep your personal information and your children by using ZoneAlarm SocialGuard. Enjoy :)

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