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Did you really make complicated passwords to keep your privacy? Maybe for you the password that was safe enough, but what about hackers? Many Internet users don’t obey the command given when they create a password that is difficult to detect by the thieves. Perhaps by combining uppercase and lowercase letters, combine numbers and letters, and didn’t use birth rate or something related to your life. Because it is very susceptible to the dikes by the hackers.

Here we will provide very interesting information about 25 the Worst Password in 2011. Maybe you did not notice or maybe it’s one of your passwords. Please check directly below:

  • code
  • 123 123
  • 123 456
  • 12345678
  • michael
  • ABC123
  • monkey
  • letmein
  • dragon
  • baseball
  • 111 111
  • 1234567
  • iloveyou
  • ashley
  • passw0rd
  • bailey
  • qwerty
  • shadow
  • 654 321
  • superman
  • qazwsx
  • master
  • trustno1
  • sunlight
  • football

The above list is taken from one post security software development company that lists many of the actual passwords are stolen. No wonder the commonly used passwords like “123456″ or “qwerty” is very easy to trace. We recommend that you start now you change the password complex and easy to remember for yourself that all your accounts are also safe. Or in making a new account, you should obey the commands that are already available, because all that well for the common good.

We recommend SplashData software to keep your data safe. Below are some tips to create strong passwords, complicated and easy to remember:
1. Combine numbers, letters, and symbols.
2. characters try to use at least there are 8
3. account passwords don’t match each other, use their own passwords for email accounts, bank accounts, or any thing
4. don’t carelessly give privacy or information about you in a transaction that is not convincing. In many cases in the forums, people often give information on the hacked accounts to many websites that don’t necessarily certainty service.
5. We recommend that you use security softwareon the device that you use like LastPass, RoboForm, eWallet, SplashID or KeePass Password Protection.

That’s 5 tips how to make password security and robust, making it difficult to trace or stolen by hackers. Maintaining security is the responsibility of your own personal, just a step above to help prevent it. All returned to the private individual, if you have any other suggestions. Please share with us here!

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