Windows Online BackUp – Why Data Security is Important?

Avira Server Security Can Protect All Important Data

For those of you who are looking for security software for the server database? Why be confused when there was the Avira Server Security. This is one of the security program that will keep all your important data. All kinds of viruses, malware, spyware, adware, trojans and hackers will not even be able to access your database server. Because everyone was safely protected by the Avira Server Security. The main function of this is a security software to scan any important files and folders in real-time using the most minimal processing power. To ensure that your server is completely safe from the threat of viruses and malware, equipped with an automatic update feature to get the best protection software.

Avira Management Console allows you to scan or troubleshoot your server directly from your desktop, without needing the help of your own you can access it freely. If you need help, it is a guide will be ready to assist you. Server is the center of all efforts, especially those of you who work in large companies would need a server with great power to save all important data of the company. Don’t get viruses, malware and hackers to stop the activities of your company and make sure that you actually use security software that can provide protection in real-time, one of which is the AVIRA Server Security.

Key Features and Benefits of Avira Server Security:

  • scanner system that will detect viruses, malware, worms rapidly
  • provide real-time protection against viruses, malware and hackers
  • anti-rootkit that will find a computer parasite that usually is passed from the usual antivirus
  • AHeAD foreign code technology to check for signs of suspicious.
  • Allows you to schedule virus scans on a regular basis, perhaps every week or 3 days
  • equipped with a configuration wizard that will help you in starting the process, fast setup and installation files quickly and easily
  • Avira Antivirus will quarantine all files are safe and the infected file before it spreads throughout a computer network system
  • technology is designed with a very powerful virus protection and comprehensive to detect malware
  • keep all data security or the security of your server from hackers / cyber criminals
  • As Anti-malware can works 24/7, so all of malicious programs will be deleted even if they were hiding inside the folder.
  • And much more
Download and Install Avira Server Security Data For Windows ?

Avira Server Security Data

Virus scan is very fast, simple interface and affordable price make the Avira Server Security to be one antivirus solution that is used by many companies. Avira gained the trust to keep your server safe and ensure that any file saved will be infected with a virus or malware, especially hackers.

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