Windows Defender Antivirus

Antivirus software for windows

By integrating Windows Defender Antivirus straight into the operating system, Microsoft managed to make their latest operating system, Windows 8, one of the safest operating systems ever created. Initially designed as a basic antispyware solution in Windows Vista, Windows Defender turned and twisted, evolving into a full antivirus program.

Windows Defender shares the basic platform with another Microsoft security product – Microsoft Security Essentials, another antivirus solution which was quite successful for its efficiency and low resource consumption. Windows Defender Antivirus was designed with the same idea in mind, to be effective, light on resources and provide users with the basic level of protection. Tests have proven that the product is quite effective, easily detecting and removing the most common viruses and malware. Its simple and intuitive user interface is another big plus, allowing even the non-technical users to find their way around within the program.

What’s truly amazing about Windows Defender is its flexibility; the program automatically detects when another antivirus solution is installed and automatically disables itself, preventing antivirus conflicts. This may not sound very impressive but users who found themselves in the situation of having two antivirus solutions running simultaneously, with each product trying to mess with the other, will understand what we’re talking about here.

Here are some of the key features of Windows Defender Antivirus:
• Real-time protection: the program automatically monitors accessed files, running a quick background check on every one of them to ensure maximum security;
• Operating system integration: Windows Defender Antivirus is installed automatically with Windows 8 so you are secured right from the start;
• Browser Integration: the program is integrated with Internet Explorer, providing an extra layer of security while you’re browsing the web by scanning visited pages and monitoring file downloads;
• Low resource footprint: Windows Defender is significantly lighter on resources than any other antivirus program, meaning it won’t slow down your PC at all; scanning times are also reduced;
• Increased Usability: you can use Windows Defender Antivirus as a permanent solution or as a temporary one; once you install another antivirus suite, Windows Defender disables itself automatically.

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