Top Rated Internet Security Software

Top Rated Internet Security Software

In today’s technology-saturated world, having top rated internet security software installed on your computer is a must. Without it, your internet connection is like an open door, inviting anyone and everyone inside whether they are nice or mean you harm.

Let’s take a look at a few products out there with the power to protect your computer from today’s malware.

AVG Free
top rated internet security software
AVG offers both free and paid anti-virus protection and is very streamlined. The free version is one of the smallest anti-virus programs available and uses very little of your system resources, making it perfect for anyone with an older computer.

This anti-virus program is quite effective for most any computer user. The interface is clean and easy to use for even beginners. Support options are limited, which is not unexpected given the fact that it’s free. However, your virus signature updates are free and can be downloaded automatically.

The program does install a packaged search feature, but you can opt out by unchecking the marked checkboxes at installation time.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2013
Best All In One Security Software
Bitdefender has almost everything you need in security software for your computer. The program sports an attractive interface that is very user friendly, appealing to both beginners and advanced users. It also offer additional services like anti-theft shielding for your mobile devices.

The anti-virus capabilities are exceptional for Bitdefender. PC World magazine ran it through its paces, finding that it blocked 100 percent of all malware attacks. It successfully removed 90 percent of the infections it found — one of the best of the security programs tested. It also had a very low false-positive rate.

Norton Internet Security
Top internet security software norton 2013
Norton’s anti-virus security suite is simply outstanding, excelling in every area vital to the security of your computer. The paid program offers anti-virus, firewall, phishing protection, parental controls, and anti-spam.

Norton is also excellent at detecting and removing rootkits. Rootkits are especially dangerous forms of malware that can completely wreck your computer. In PC magazine’s test, Norton’s top rated internet security software detected 100 percent of rootkits and was also very efficient in cleaning them up.

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