Top 5 Fake Security Software 2012 For Windows & How to Prevent it?

What The Most Dangerous RogueWare For Windows?

Maybe so many have known about the virus that pretends to be an antivirus with a performance so convincing and it uses a trick to fool the user PC. The cyber criminals anytime can create and develop a virus, malware, trojan into a deadly weapon to destroy our PC, so that you have to be careful.

If you have never experienced your computer infected with fake antivirus, it may be difficult to distinguish. In this article we will assemble five of the most deadly Fake Antivirus and How is it prevented? See below:

1. Ms WinPC Antivirus or Defender

WinPC Defender is a security program that is able to block the actual virus in your PC. This fake antivirus circulated by the name of “security system” or a WinPC Defender.

2. Security Tool

As the malware that can mimic the Windows Security,a fake antivirus has the ability to eliminate all the icons on the desktop PC and slowing system performance.

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3. Internet Security

Perhaps this is what often infects Windows computers in the world, you can identify the characteristics of these fake security software is after a software installation process, it will rogueware smuggle malicious code into the PC that allows you to block your access to the site on the internet , such as Youtube, Facebook, etc..

Internet Security along with the many false reports which appeared on the PC screen as when it runs almost any Media Player also displays notifications from the Windows Task-bar.

4. Anti-Malware Defender

This fake antivirus has many names, one of which is Windows Defender from Microsoft. Perhaps only the computer experts who can distinguish this virus, because most PC users fooled by this virus. The worst effects of the Windows Defender is that you install all browsers can not run and will appear notices “error” at any time.

5. Users Protection

The hacker develop this malware in the form of fake video codec which is manipulated via the website. Protection of users reduce system performance, and even cause crashes.

Solutions for all the fake antivirus is the same. You can use manually or with the help of Anti-Malware, such as Spyware Doctor or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. But my advice, if you do not understand the computer world don’t ever use the manual method, because the slightest error will cause fatal damage. See the video below to find out how to remove fake antivirus for Windows Computers:

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