Tips & Trick to Remove Windows Instant Scanner Rogue Malware?

Windows Instant Scanner Virus Removal (Uninstall Guide)

What is Windows Instant Scanner? Maybe some people would say that this is a security software. But the fact that Windows Instant Scanner is a virus created by cyber criminals as antivirus. So, in fact Windows Instant Scanner is FAKE ANTIVIRUS.

Just like the other fake antivirus, Windows Instant Scanner is a kind of fake security software that will display a warning to convince PC users that their computer is really infected with the virus. This is one of the tricks used by cyber criminals to trick PC users. Therefore you must be careful and selective in choosing security software. For example, when you find a page that contains a notice that your computer is malware that malicious activity is detected, and you agree to this statement. Then you will be taken to a website that sells Windows Instant Scanner. Here you will be asked to enter an account number in order to complete the purchase of this fake antivirus. And you need to remember is if you make a purchase this fake antivirus will lead to identity theft.

Moreover, these malicious programs also lead to browser redirection, system slowdowns and has hijacked your PC functions to block certain programs from running (such as Task Manager, Registry Editor, Run command, etc.). Below we show the contents of a page warning that appears on the infected computer screen Windows Instant Scanner:

Tips to remove and deleted Windows Instant Scanner fake antivirus

Windows Instant Scanner

Keylogger activity was detected. Information security system at risk. It is recommended to enable the protection and run a full system scan.

Software without a digital signature is detected.
File system at risk. We strongly recommend you to activate your protection.

Warning! Detected identity theft attempts

Then how do I solve this problem? It’s easy …. follow the instructions in the video below:

Registration code for Windows Instant Scanner
As an optional step, you can use the following license key to register for Instant Windows Scanner and stop false warnings.

Keep in mind that to enter the registration code above will NOT remove Windows Instant scanner from your computer, it will only stop false warnings so that you will be able to complete our adoption guide easier.

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