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Download CrystalAEP Protection For Windows Xp, Windows Vista and Windows 7

CrystalAEP Protection is a security software that provides protection for free on your PC to the internet threats. This Internet threats and the intention is to anticipate the attack of infection from viruses, malware, adware, spyware and other forms of malicious software. Maybe for most people still don’t know in detail about this virus, how do they work? Is it better than other antivirus? All would be a burden when you want to use antivirus decide which one?

No need to worry about you want to use antivirus ? There have been many security software designed by antivirus companies to facilitate your computer to be secure and able to withstand the virus. You can view a list of the Best Antivirus here. Well …. CrystalAEP Protection is an antivirus solution that you can use to become an additional defense, when other antivirus can’t work optimally. CrystalAEP then be a solution to solve this virus problem. And I was also a new phase of testing, I use a CrystalAEP as my backup security software. The point is that I still use the well-known antivirus like AVG, Avast, Kaspersky, Norton, etc..

During one month of using this antivirus, I don’t think there is a serious problem about virus or malware. And CrystalAEP Protection is very effective to¬† security solution for those of you who are still confused about antivirus. Although new, CrystalAEP Protection is feasible for you to try!

CrystalAEP is freeware and available for Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 which can be obtained easily from the internet. The best of this antivirus is able to work optimally for Windows Xp. Anti-exploitation functions available in this antivirus has been in testing of all leading web browsers such as Mozilla, Chrome, IE and Safari.

How does COM / ActiveX Monitor feature, because it is not enabled by default?

COM / ActiveX monitor features can be found in the Expert Options dialog, and allows users to apply the white list or black-list safe-for-scripting/safe-for-initialisation ActiveX control that can be loaded by the application is protected by Crystal. The most useful features can be used to lock the ActiveX control to be loaded into Internet Explorer to help dramatically reduce the attack surface is introduced by a third-party applications. The blacklist can be automatically filled from the registry and then be adjusted to allow all the necessary controls (eg, to allow Adobe Flash to video website).

How to remove Crystal from my system?

CrystalAEP Protection¬†comes with an uninstaller that should remove all traces of your system software, although a reboot may be required to remove the product if you currently protect your programs run. An alternative method to remove the software involves “Completely Clear Crystals” button in the Expert Choice of the user interface. It runs the program (reset.exe-remove) to perform a full installation of the software. Such as the uninstaller, it may need to reboot to complete the uninstall process.

CrystalAEP Protection

CrystalAEP Protection

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