The Best 8 Security Tips for Using Windows 8

Best Eight Security Tips for Windows 8

Are you one of the users of Windows 8? already familiar with all the features it offers and what advantages compared to the previous version? If you aren’t familiar with the details of the operating system you are using, how can run an operating system without knowing its weaknesses …. Here we will discuss about Windows 8 or its features, but more likely will pass on tips to safely use Windows 8. Curious? Check this out!!!

Prior to the core material, Windows 8 is the latest operating system from Windows more attractive, faster and more secure than previous versions. However, the thing to remember is that the Windows OS is very vulnerable to the attack of virus / malware. Thus the necessary security software that help you to preserve and protect the computer from malicious software attacks. See here for a list of “best antivirus for windows“.

best security tips for windows 8

windows 8 security

However, software security alone is not enough, there needs to be new things to do to make your computer completely safe and free from viruses. Here are safety tips for Windows 8:

  1. Beware of the new application to the new user interface, known as Metro
  2. Use the Windows 8 UI version of Internet Explorer. This is so all is set by default, plugins disabling unnecessary.
  3. Make sure that the Windows 8 operating system is completely legitimate licensed version of the UI
  4. Turn off hibernation hard drive encryption. Since hibernation in Windows 8 does not always work well when encryption
  5. Make sure that you use hardware designed for Windows 8, maybe more detail is a must UEFI compliant hardware. That is easier for users to get the safe boot which is designed to ensure the pre-OS environment is secure to minimize the risk of attack boot loader.
  6. Make a priority list of application control. It is intended that the App Store could control all malware attacks.
  7. Treat Windows on the RT (ARM) as well as other mobile devices
  8. All software that you install the Windows 8 should get legal permission from the Windows Store.

Those are some tips to safely use Windows 8 that may be useful for you all. Keep abreast of us to get the latest news from the world of computers: D

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