Review of Virus Protection Software

Reviews of Software Virus Protection

Unfortunately, as the internet gets larger, the amount of people trying to exploit and abuse others is increasing. They’re out for account names and passwords in order to steal identities and credit card numbers. Thankfully, software security is on guard every day, looking out for the consumer’s best interests. Malwarebytes is a free software dedicated to protecting your computer from malicious intent and is one of the best anti-virus software packages out there. Malwarebytes PRO is an additional add-on that adds real-time scanning and automatic updates.


The free version of Malwarebytes is an anti-malware solution that is incredibly efficient at removing viruses and malware from an infected PC. It’s so good at its job that it’s considered a standard in the toolkit of many PC repair techs. The only con is that it does not come with regular scanning. This can be fixed by either installing another constant anti-virus such as Microsoft Security Essentials or upgrading to Malwarebytes PRO.

What does Malwarebytes PRO accomplish?

As soon as you install Malwarebytes PRO, the software starts running in the background. It scans your internet files and downloaded content for suspicious activity and potential threats. As well as constant scanning and real-time protection, the PRO upgrade comes with 24/7 support for any malware related issue you may have on your computer.

Bottom Line

Malwarebytes is one of the best solutions out there and it rivals the most popular commercial competitors such as McAfee and Norton, all while being completely free. Malwarebytes PRO is an extension that isn’t necessary for the internet-savvy but useful for those who want to be completely safe when surfing the web.

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