New G Data Antivirus 2013 For Windows Xp, Vista, 7 and Windows 8

Free G DATA ANTIVIRUS 2013 For Windows OS

G DATA ANTIVIRUS 2013, an antivirus that you may already know for a long time. One of the best security software that has received many awards and is recommended by computer experts. This is an instant protection against viruses, malware and other malicious software different types. By using a combination of modern protection, powered by the most advanced security technologies may simply provide the best security.

The advantages of this security software lies not only in its ability to destroy the virus, but can maximize the performance of your PC, keeping your private information, and with a fairly simple interface allows any user can access them easily.

Download free G DATA Antivirus 2013 For Windows Vista, Xp and Windows 7

G DATA Antivirus 2013

Well … for those of you who are confused looking for an antivirus solution to protect your computer? Just use the G Data Antivirus 2013, and after you install it in your PC. So antivirus will automatically run and ready to look for viruses or malware that might infect your PC. Once detected, it will quickly be removed without residue. Even viruses or trojans that hide in the folder though. Here are some advantages of G Data Antivirus 2013:

  • D Data Cloud is equipped with features that Web sites use to block all potential phishing or virus
  • prevent and stop virus attacks immediately
  • BankGuard feature serves to protect against malicious-Banking Trojans
  • Optimal Virus detection using a combination of the two virus scanning engines
  • Light on resources from fingerprints and scan idle running when you take a break
  • Hourly updates to protect you from new threats

G Data Antivirus highly optimized run

  •      Microsoft Windows 7 (32 Bit Bit/64), min. 1 GB of RAM
  •      Microsoft Windows Vista (32 Bit Bit/64), min. 1 GB of RAM
  •      Microsoft Windows XP (SP2 and above, 32 Bit), mind. 512 MB of RAM

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