Is’t True That AVG Antivirus Software is a FREE DOWNLOAD?

AVG Antivirus Software is a FREE DOWNLOAD?

Many antivirus which was created in the free and paid versions, all of it to make it easier for computer users to select  security software in accordance with the capabilities they have. Which we discuss in this post is Is AVG Antivirus Software Is Free Download? And the answer is YES! … Many users when searching for certain keywords exist antivirus free download, will have appeared antivirus like that. However, with the free version of its features will vary with the paid version, one of which is AVG Antivirus.

Download Free AVG antivirus Software For Mac and Windows

AVG antivirus Free Edition

AVG Antivirus software can be found for FREE and paid, if you want to determine the ability of this virus, there is no harm if you try it with the free version. But many weaknesses and problems with the free version, I recommend to spend a little to get the Pro version. That’s all it will also for the good of security on the PC you are using! I also include users of AVG Antivirus, I have tried the free version and paid version. And I am happy to use the paid version, just spend a little computer that I use is safe from virus attacks, malware or spyware. But this doesn’t mean underestimating the free version, because I need that every day in my computer and online, so I chose the PRO version (pay) to get a more feature complete and can always count on to keep my computer. Here are some of the benefits of AVG Free Antivirus:

  • protecting your PC from malware attacks, spyware and viruses
  • in real-time protection
  • allows you to set the scanning schedule
  • backup data according to your settings
  • provide a complete report to you
  • detects a virus or malware that comes into your PC network system
  • and much more … Try it yourself!

I suggest if you want to use an antivirus customize to your needs in using the computer or laptop. Often using a PC or just to store the data alone, it’s all just you who can decide themselves. For business or online business, you should use a paid version of AVG antivirus, because it will protect your PC more secure, while offline and internet browsing. See the video below to determine the ability of AVG Antivirus Software!

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