iSPY Free Camera Security Systems For Windows

iSPY is a security camera system that can detect sound and motion. Is a combination of the WebCam, IP cams and microphones that will help you protect your home or state where you put this security tool. All events will be recorded and fed into the video or streaming MP4 format, but it also iSPY can also run well on multiple computers simultaneously.

Lots of iSPY function, as one of the security camera system that can monitor the condition of the home environment, so even if you’re away from home can still see the state of your home. How it works very easy, you just put up some camera / webcam and view them on your website that has been set. All persons, or any movement around your house be recorded properly. So, it is good to keep track of your home security. This will help you find the thieves who take your stuff. But we always pray for bad things like that didn’t happen in our house.

Download iSPY Home Camera Security Systems For Windows

iSPY Home Camera Security Systems

You can install any office iSPY as camera monitors. Thus allowing you to see the performance on your employees, whether they work well or just lazy? Hey Presto there is a feature that allows you to monitor what is being done by other workers. Why did I suggest installing surveillance camera at your home or office. Because at this vulnerable in case of theft, using security tools means you are trying to reduce crime.

Key Features:

  • iSPY view streaming video in your own web site
  • IP PTZ control to activate the camera
  • microphone which is used to monitor and detect the recorded sound
  • upload all the recorded video to YouTube
  • allows you to monitor all state offices and homes of long-distance
  • iSPY control directly using mobile devices such as Android, iPhone and the iPad
  • very effectively to record sound, motion and face detection are recorded by a surveillance camera
  • iSPY run security camera systems in several computers simultaneously
  • Keep the frame from your camera to a local directory and browse them through ispyconnect
  • you can schedule automatic recording and when the cessation of
  • enter a password when accessing iSPY would that others can not access them freely
  • Send e-mail or SMS / MMS / Twitter alerts when motion or noise is detected
  • and many more exciting features that will you get if you use this security tool

ISPY Camera Security System is designed with beautiful appearance and easy setting. So that when you use it the first time, this will not make you hard to learn. You can automatically control the iSPY through batch files, command line, via web and mobile devices. Let’s protect your home and prevent thieves using best camera security system, one of which is iSPY. See the video below to know more:

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