Ima xCamPRO is Surveillance Camera System For Home and Office

Home Security Camera System 2013

Ima xCamPRO is a security camera system designed premises and highly qualified professional integrity. No doubt the ability of the security system is to protect your home or your home office from the threat of thieves. A piece of software that must be used for those of you who have homes are spacious enough and a lot of important stuff in it, you can monitor the state of the home at any time through mobile phones, computers, laptops, and Tablet.

ImaxCamPRO includes 16 surveillance camera system with optional judged MOTION RECORDING hard drive, power supplies, Video and Power Cable, IR Remote Control, and a choice of colors with a high resolution. Cause watchdog is intentionally designed for use indoors or outdoors. For those of you who often leave the house in a long time, and don’t use a home security system certainly did not feel comfortable and calm when left. Therefore ImaxCamPRO immediately use your home as security solutions. ImaxCamPRO is a home security system based Linux Digital Video Recorder and Remote Video Server.

Ima xCamPRO

Ima xCamPRO

Besides allows you to monitor the house, also has the ability to record any activity or movement that was caught on camera, if one day the DVD is damaged or stolen by others, then you have a video that you can directly access remotely using a remote PC at the location to monitor and record. ImaxCamPRO match you to use for Windows PC, Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile and Blackberry Smartphones.

Features of ImaxCamPRO

  • allows users to monitor and supervise all the activities of their children while in the house
  • lets also look at anyone who comes in front of the door of your house
  • help and reduce robberies
  • prevent the robbers when they want to steal your home
  • protect all valuables from thieves
  • securing all the necessary data that you store in the office
  • monitor all employee activity when working
  • Another way to minimize employee theft is to monitor your cashier.
  • And much more

The developers have created a home security tool to help you all in preventing robbers and of course assist law enforcement. You can get the security camera system is just a cost of $ 479.


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