How to Take Viruses Off Your Computer For Free

How to Take Viruses Off Your Computer For Free

 Viruses off your computer for free

If you’ve been a long-time computer user, you’ve most likely had to deal with a virus at some point. These harmful programs can cause trouble that ranges from system slowdown to the theft of your personal information. Some even turn your machine into a veritable malware factory, spreading the infection to anyone you share files with. Having a virus can be exceedingly frustrating and some require special removal tactics. Unfortunately, many programs designed to remove them from your machine are very expensive. Here’s how to take viruses off your computer for free.

Boot-Time Virus Scan

If you have a virus, getting rid of it may be as simple as running your antivirus program before the operating system boots up. This allows the program to detect and remove the virus before it has a chance to hide itself. In most cases, your antivirus program will give you an option to schedule a boot-time scan that will take place the next time you restart the machine. This process can take a while, so consider starting it before heading to bed.

Manual Removal

If scanning doesn’t remove the virus, you may be able to do it manually. Run a system search using the name of the virus. If the infected file shows up, try to delete it. If you’re unable to, you may need to follow a special set of instructions. Try searching online for your virus to see how other people removed theirs. Beware, however, of deleting any system files as doing so could cause impaired functionality.

Special Tools

Most of the time, it’s not necessary to pay for software to remove a stubborn virus from your computer. Due to the commonplace nature and destructive ability of viruses, there is an abundance of people who are willing to create fixes and distribute them for free. You can find these files on forums, torrent sites and many free software download sites.

It’s important to use caution in order to avoid viruses, but they sometimes happen anyway. Once you know how to take viruses off your computer for free, you’ll never have to waste money on such problems again.

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