How to Remove Windows 7 Restore Virus (Manual and Automatically Guide)

Remove Windows 7 Restore Virus

Windows Restore Virus is a virus other types of groups that usually exist on the Hard Drive. This fake antivirus usually enter through an internet connection and with help of trojans. Somehow regular antivirus can’t detect this malware, or perhaps this is a very dangerous virus? I don’t know …. To be sure this is a thing that must be overcome.

Windows Restore Virus can enter into our computer network systems without detected by antivirus software that we install on our PCs. Once entered into our computer, it will automatically pop up a window containing a warning of excessive and confirms that your PC is virus affected or impaired. scanning will be done automatically each time you launch windows. Actually the point is to convince users that their computers infected with malware and requires a paid service if you want to go back to normal. So no other is to get your money!

How to remove Windows Restore Virus?A
It was very easy, there are two ways you can do to remove these fake security software, that is the manual way and with the help of anti-spyware!

1. For the manual method, you should be very careful. Because fewer mistakes will cause errors that are vital to your computer. Don’t do that if you are not skilled in computer or a programmer. To further investigate the exact steps, see the video below:

2. With the help of Anti-spyware:

  • Using SuperAntiSpyware: Use anti-malware to keep your PC is completely safe from malicious threats such as viruses, spyware and trojans. scan done separately so that malicious files detected by Anti-virus programs can be deleted all.
  • Kaspersky Bootable USB Flash Drive: With the use of Kaspersky Antivirusallows you to create a bootable virus scanner can be run on any computer. It is just like you run the CD, DVD or USB Flash Drive.

If you want to learn more details about the computer virus problem, please try the manual way. But if you are unsure, I recommend that way to-2. Because it’s easier, faster and does not require a long time.

Screenshot :

How to Remove Windows Restore Virus 2012

Windows Restore Virus


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