How to Remove Security Shield 2012 With Malwarebytes Anti-Malware?

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It seems fake antivirus problem will not end in a short time, still with the Security Shield 2012 is a lot of complaining about this fake security software. Was not as easy as other fake antivirus, malware is extremely dangerous and many times show a false report about the virus and malware infection on your computer. Actually we have discussed this issue long ago, but still there is confusion in making the removal of this malware.

A little repeat of Security Shield 2012, a malware designed to damage the PC system and web browser hijack all that we install. Once the malware is in and infect your PC, it will be many negative impacts that would occur, such as the reduction in work systems, block software, Web browser hijacking and the worst there is to steal data / important information that we have. The goal is very simple, namely to convince you to buy the full Security Shield 2012. Right away, we will provide a way to remove Security Shield 2012 as a whole. Note!

1 registration code for Security Shield 2012
you are requested to register one license key in order to stop false warnings that continue to appear on the main screen of your PC. You can use this license code 64C665BE-4DE7-423B-A6B6-BC0172B25DF2. You need to remember to enter the license code is not yet remove the malware, just stop the spread and infection.

2 Guide To Remove Security Shield 2012
A. Turn on the computer in safe mode

  • Remove all floppy disks, CD & DVD from the computer, start restart
  • When the restart process, press F8 (before Windows Start-up appears)
  • At the boot screen appears, use the arrow keys to highlight safe mode with networking, and press ENTER
  • Log on to your computer with a user account that has administrator privileges
How to Remove Security Shield 2012 By Using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware?

Security Shield 2012

B. Remove Security Shield 2012 using a Proxy Server
One of the impacts that will be caused by fake antivirus is stopping internet access. Then you need to remove these dangerous proxy, do the following:

  • Run Internet Explorer> and then select Internet options> Open Connections.At bottom tab, click LAN Settings> uncheck and you can use the internet service again.
  • If you are using Mozilla Firefox, then the way is to go to firefox> options> advanced> network tab> settings> select no proxy

C.Run Rkill to end the process of malware (Security Shield 2012)
Rkill is a security program that can stop any malicious processes, one of which is the Security Shield 2012. So that the security software before you install on your PC can run normally. Remember that this is just stop the process Rkill dangerous, not to delete the malicious file / malware. After running it you do not need to reboot your computer for malware process is configured to start automatically just be repeated. If the installation process of this Rkill you get a false report that security software is infected, ignore it because this is a false report. Do not until you reboot the computer after running Rkill, as this will make the malware is running again.

D. This step asks you to remove the Security Shield 2012 using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
We know that MBAM is one of the best anti-malware program in 2012 that recommended by computer experts. Because it is evident that security software is very effective in killing viruses, malware, adware, spyware, trojans, etc.. Please see the video below:

E: Remove the remaining damage from the Security Shield 2012

Security Shield 2012 can also change the default settings your HOSTS file, which can cause browser redirects or errors when you try to access antivirus sites or other security software. To protect yourself, Security Shield 2012 has changed the permissions of the file HOST, this means you cann’t edit or delete them.

  • Please download the first file permissions HOST
  • download hostfix.bat
  • begin to install and run as usual. You will see a small black window that opens and will quickly disappear, then at that time you should be able to access your file host.
  • Please download and run files from Microsoft below to your hosts file back to its original records settings.Please that if you have to add custom entries to the HOSTS ask then you need to add again after restoring the default HOSTS file.

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