How to Remove and Uninstall W32.Cridex For Windows XP/ Vista/ 7

W32.Cridex Removal Guide

W32.Cridex is one of the trojan that is designed to slow down and undermine our computer systems. Actually, Norton Symantec has issued an update to deal with this trojan problem a long time, but it was only detected on January 8, 2012. Actually all kinds of fake antivirus or malware can be handled in a standard way. This is mainly to prevent the spread of the virus and secure the necessary data that we have. Follow the methods below:

1. Turn off System Restore (Windows Me / XP)
If you are using a computer-based windows xp or windows me, the first step you should take is to turn off system restore. Because system restore doesn’t have the ability to detect and even remove the virus.
2. Update Antivirus that your Install the computer
Make sure that you actually use antivirus already Opinion, such as Norton, AVG, Kaspersky, AVAST, AVIRA, Panda Cloud, VIPRE, etc.. When your computer saves a lot of important data such as tasks, jobs, personal information, not hurt you to use a paid antivirus
3. Back-Up System Registration
Before you install antivirus or other security software, make sure you already have software to backup and restore lost data. Click on “Back-Up Software“. Because if one day the virus and malware to infect your PC, and remove all your data, all existing solutions.
4. Restart your system in safe-mode.
An operating system in safe mode will reduce the functionality, but the task of isolating problems is easier because many non-core components are disabled (turned off).
5. Run Full Virus Scan
every Antivirus Software there must in virus scan options, and make sure you choose a full scan to remove all the viruses that exist in the computer, whether visible or hidden in a folder.

Back to the main topic, How to remove W32.Cridex? Video below will guide you in the pass removal trojan. Good luck and success: D

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