How to Remove and Uninstall Antivirus Pro Virus For Windows OS

Antivirus Pro is a fake anti-spyware program designed to ruin our computers. All kinds of fake antivirus has the same goal, namely to convince you to buy this antivirus full to remove a virus or malware. To this end we will slightly help you how to remove Antivirus Pro from the computer properly. You are advised to follow these steps precisely to avoid fatal errors on your PC. Almost the same as the Win32 Heur is also a fake antivirus.

Your computer is infected with this virus, it will be a lot should launch a notice stating that the PC detected a virus or malware that could potentially damage the entire PC system, it is advisable to use to get rid of Antivirus Pro. If you accept this, then you will be brought to a commercial website.

Phase One:
A. Launch Task Manager and click the “processes”. Then look for “AntivirusPro.exe.” and press end process. It is useful to stop the activity of Antivirus Pro
2. Download the latest version of Spybot and Destroy, and then install as usual. After doing a full scan on your computer.
3. Download anti-spyware such as Malwarebytes Anti-malware or Spyware Doctor

Second Stage

Using Task Manager to stop the Antivirus Pro. see the first step to stop the process. When finished, click the Start menu> browse to My Computer> C drive> Program Files> locate the file with a character that extensions.dat. Ico, and.exe. For example, you might see a file by name or akdkei.exe 1425.exe. You must delete all the files. After that, navigate to the Temp folder in Program Files, locate the file and mv3.tmp ins2.tmp, and delete it.

If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista, then you must repeat the above procedure in your user profile as well. Browse to My Computer> C drive> Documents and Settings> username> Application Data> Temp.

Open the Registry Editor by clicking Start> Run and type “regedit”> hit Enter. Do a registry backup through HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> Policies> Explorer> Run “iv” and delete the entry on the right side. Do the same for the following entries:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> Run “Internet Antivirus”

HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Software> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> RunOnce “3P_UDEC_IA”

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE> Software> Microsoft> Windows> CurrentVersion> Uninstall> Internet Antivirus_is1. You don’t have to delete the entire registry branch. You should remove only the last record of the entire branch. When finished, exit the Registry Editor.

After all these steps you are doing, run anti-spyware that you installed earlier. And be careful in using computers, especially when connect internet. Use /paid antivirus software to get more protection than using a free antivirus. See the video below if you’re having trouble understanding the article above.

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