How to Protect USB Flas Drive with USB Flash Security Software?

Free Flash USB Security Software 2012

USB Flash Security is a security software that aims to preserve and protect the password on USB Flash Drive. The workings of the security software is very simple, but the protection afforded so strong and convincing. First you should install on your USB, after which it will encrypt the data stored therein. Automatically all the monitor screen will not be visible before you enter the password you previously set.

This is especially helpful when your Flash Drive is lost or stolen, if there are others who want to open your flash drive, it is mandatory to enter the password correctly. So not just anyone can access your important data freely. This software comes with a version and can work optimally on a flash drive the size of 4-8 GB. Currently, anyone who doesn’t want to get free security software? Although free, but do not assume weak security offered by the USB Flash Security. Because computer experts also believe that this is one very good protection software to keep important data always healthy.

How to Download & Install USB Flash Security?

USB Flash Security

Key Features:

  • encrypt all data that you store in a Flash Drive
  • protect personal information from identity thieves or hackers
  • must enter a password if you want to access data that is in the Flash Drive
  • running optimally sized for 4-8 Gb Flash Drive
  • Free, Easy and has a simple interface

How To Download & Install USB Flash Security:

1 Download USB Flash Security on the Internet and Scan with antivirus to make sure no virus & malware is hiding in it
2 Once installed on the PC, the USB Flash Security automatically searches for flash devices that connect and reconnect.
3 Finish Flash Drive you choose to be connected to the USB Flash Security, then tap Install. For more details you can see the video below:

As you know, the USB Flash Security is a password security software that’s worth it, because so many have to prove that software is managed to protect the data stored in the Flash Drive.

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