How to Install and Use HotSpot Shield to Protect Internet Security?

HotSpot Shield Internet Security Software

Hotspot Shield is a security software that can encrypt all network traffic your computer while communicating with the rest of the world. Hotspot Shield is able to create a Virtual Private Network or VPN between your computer / laptop and wireless router. This allows the hackers and snoopers can’t break into email, instant messages, credit card information and anything you send over the wireless network. Which means all of your online information is protected with a secure, so be comfortable while you surf.

Most of which are not recognized by computer users when connect internet via a Wifi network is vulnerable to hacker and other security violations. Therefore Hotspot Shield provides security solutions are simple yet able to provide a satisfactory protection. All accounts will secure your privacy when accessing wi-fi hotspots.

Key Features Hotspot Shield Security Software:

  • ensure that your computer remains anonymous and private status when logged in via wi-fi hotspots
  • able to automatically encrypt and protect inbound or outbound Internet traffic such as email, instant messaging, VoIP calls, web surfing which can be transmitted
  • through the air and use the wifi.
  • keeping all your personal data from a variety of illegal access by hackers and snoopers
  • Provides professional security and protection without expensive or complex requirements.

Security through VPN
Hotspot Shield is one of the encryption software that creates a VPN between your laptop or iphone and internet gateway. When you use security software will be difficult to be penetrated by hackers and snoopers who want to steal credit card information, email, web browsing you send through the internet. Hotspot Shield security software is free to download, using the latest VPN technology, and easy to install and use.

Additional features of Hotspot Shield:

  • allows you to secure web session with HTTPS encryption
  • hide your IP address when online
  • allows you to access all personal content without censorship
  • Work on the same wireless and wired connections.

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