How to Get Viruses Off Your Computer

How to Get Viruses off your Computer

How to get viruses of your computer

One of the hardest parts about owning a windows-based operating system is the fact that sooner or later you will likely get a virus that infects your computer. Viruses can be both frustrating and dangerous as they can compromise system security, lock you from accessing certain programs and cause your system to crash. The best method of keeping viruses off your computer is prevention. Download routine virus scanning software and run antivirus software such as Mccaffe while you browse the internet to ensure that the threat is cut off at the source.

One of the best antivirus programs is called Malwarebytes’ AntiMalware and it just so happens to be a free donation supported program as well. Malwarebytes is regularly updated and can capture and delete tons of viruses. In the event that you are locked out of downloading or running an antivirus program, you may want to try running the computer in safe mode. This option depends on your operating system. If you can’t open a browser to download the antivirus program due to a virus you may want to try right clicking and running the program as the administrator which works with newer Windows operating systems such as Windows 7. If you still can’t access the internet or install the antivirus program, you may want to try copying the antivirus install file to a thumb drive or CD from another computer and doing it manually that way.

As said, the best antivirus protection is prevention. In the event that the virus is not removed after running the antivirus, you may want to look up the name of the virus (If it makes itself prominent) and use a search engine to find manual removal options. These often involve changes to the computer’s registry and are best saved as a last resort.

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