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[REVIEW] Eyeline Video Surveillance Software For Windows OS

One thing that we always worry about when traveling is home security. For those who have sufficient funds to hire a guard house, but it’s not a problem at this time. With the increasingly expanding world of modern technology, we can monitor the state of their own home even though we are far from the house. Surely we must use the home security devices, one surveillance camera. There is a home security tool designed to facilitate us in monitoring your home or office environment, using Eyeline Video Surveillance Software

Eyeline Video Surveillance Software is a home security systems that has many functions, one as a surveillance camera. This includes any video surveillance software that you can plug into a PC (Windows) to switch the way it works. Very well suited for those of you who have valuables or important data in your home or office. By using a security camera system, means you are trying to prevent theft. It could even be said that Eyeline Video Surveillance Software is a video monitor that is ideal for maintaining security in offices, homes, shops and other places are often the target of theft.

The advantage of using Eyeline Video Surveillance Software as a home security system is as follows:

  • have the ability to single recorder or camera system manages up to 100 more
  • see the video footage directly from the official site or from a remote location
  • automatically activate the motion detection to record every move caught on camera
  • compress and archive video surveillance footage

Key Features of Eyeline Video Surveillance Software:

  • able to set up video surveillance footage to 100 +
  • camera controls are easily
  • able to work on USB cameras and IP network cameras
  • recording every move caught on camera
  • report warning that the movement is recorded via email or SMS
  • Web control panel allows you to access and view footage remotely via the Internet
  • save the recorded video to the folder at any time if needed
  • providing visual services you want, such as watching video on a television, a second monitor or other display
  • Integrates with Express Burn – the recorded video will be copied into a DVD format
  • Intelligent, easy to use and reliable for day-to-day operations
  • transform webcam into the camera to see how the baby sitter / your child
  • Works on Windows Xp, Windows Vista and Windows 7

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Best Home Security Systems - How to Install & Use Eyeline Video Surveillance Software

Eyeline Video Surveillance Software

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