Get New Free Norton Internet Security 2013 Beta For Windows OS

Free Internet Security Solutions – Norton Internet Security 2013 For Windows

Norton Internet Security 2013, a new antivirus with the initial view that is different from other antivirus and security of the next generation of Symantec Security Suite. In its latest version, no changes have occurred in this antivirus, it’s just been in optimizing the use of the Windows 8. Support for hardware acceleration should improve its response as well.

Norton Internet Security 2013 also improved features in terms of protection, although not visible to the naked eye, but has been included with File Insight Database technology that has been added to the Firewall to strengthen the ability of malware detection and blocking of viruses that try to attack your computer. SONAR works in Safe Mode will be more sensitive in detecting and identifying a malicious threat that may be caused by malware, adware, trojans, worms and other malicious viruses. Once the can is compatible with Windows 8, it is possible to start the boot process at the beginning, so it would be betterĀ  and protect your computer from rootkits, dangerous drivers and the other malicious threats.

Download  Free Norton Internet Security 2013 Beta For Windows OS

Free Norton Internet Security 2013 Beta For Windows OS

Above all, Norton Internet Security 2013 also has a relatively small memory, so you can download and install it quickly. Equipped also with Norton Power Eraser that will give you the option to complete a virus scan if still in doubt there is a virus or malware that is hiding inside the folder. This feature is great for double protection on your PC.

Benefits and Features of Norton Internet Security 2013:

  • Norton cover with 4 layers of defense designed to pro-actively to protect your computer from malicious threats
  • equipped with a customizable control that gives freedom to the user to determine the preference choice between a simplified screen or a more specific
  • Alarm security system that is located on the toolbar, and serves as an alarm when you are online and forget accessing personal accounts, such as username and password
  • Bandwidth Management which limits the user to download a file is too large and would potentially interfere with the performance of your PC
  • addition of new features – File Insight Database 2.0, which will inform the user how stable download they have done before you put your computer at risk of crashes orĀ  other bad things happen.
  • Norton Recovery Tools that can help eliminate the threat buried in the PC operating system.

Norton Internet Security 13 Beta is a security solution that best and most updated among other antivirus. A security software that will maintain and protect your computer from viruses and the threat of identity theft in real-time.

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