Free Spy Remote Solustion Software 2012 – Download RemoteSpy

Free Spy Remote Solustion Software 2012

Download Free SniperSpy Software 2012 For Windows and Mac

SniperSpy Software 2012

SniperSpy is a spy software remote-deployable. So you can find internet activity in real-time. All activities will be uploaded to your personal account, you can even view the latest remote system information. If you use this software will greatly assist in monitoring the activity on your computer usage time. So you can easily monitor your pc when used. protect your important data and account password.


  • store each type of log records to a separate section
  • Activities uploaded to the server in real-time
  • remove adware and spyware from your computer to automatically
  • Integrated support form to streamline technical support requests
  • Long-Life Viewer screen (Li)
  • Requirements: Pentium or AMD 433 mhz
  • You can download this remote solution software at Amazon Store.

Version 7.0 offers a new control panel is safe, including uploading files automatically. Trial versions of the test applies only to your local computer and record it in the limit to 30 minutes per session. Requirements: 400mhz + 64MB ram, 10MB hard disk, recommend that you use high-speed Internet connection. Below you can watch about RemoteSpy software Overview

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