Free security software for windows 7

free security protection software for window 7 operation system

Malware and viruses are a serious online threat with the consequences of an infection ranging from the loss of personal and financial data to the installation of malware that renders the computer unusable. Fortunately, free security software for Windows 7 can provide an excellent way for the homeowner to ensure that his or her computer and date remains secure.

Watching out for Rogue Security Software

Some malware attempts to trick the user into thinking it is a legitimate antivirus program. A computer operator should only download a free security program from the manufacturer’s download site or another trusted source. Never download a program via a link in an unsolicited email or popup ad.

Free Security Programs for Windows 7

There are a number of free security programs for Windows 7 and in many cases, they will provide more than adequate protection for a computer user. In most cases, these programs also have ongoing updates in order to allow them to keep up with the most recent “evolution” of new viruses and malware.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is provided by Microsoft from their support website. It is a highly effective antivirus program and also provides protection from a wide range of malware. This program is free for use by small businesses in addition to individual users. Currently, MSE is the most popular antivirus program in the United States and is regularly updated by Microsoft.

AVG Free

AVG Free provides effective antivirus protection and is regularly updated with new virus definition files. It also includes rootkit protection for home computers. AVG Free does include popup advertising ads for the non-free versions of the software, but for home use, AVG Free is usually sufficient.

Avast! Free

Avast! Free is a version of the popular Avast! antivirus software. With over 150 million users of free and non-free version of the software, Avast! is highly respected for its ability to detect and eliminate new viruses, in addition to being regularly updated by the company. Avast! Free also includes protection from viruses that attempt to hijack the computer’s virus protection software.

Free security software for Windows 7 can provide a user with the confidence that comes from knowing that their personal data and programs are protected from malicious programs. By installing these programs, the user can ensure that his or her computer experience will remain a safe and pleasant one.

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