Free Review Of 10 Best Paid Antivirus Software 2012 For PC

10 Best Paid Antivirus Software 2012

Download 7 Best Paid Antivirus Software 2012 For Windows

Best Paid Antivirus

Once we often discuss the best free antivirus software, this time we will discuss the Top Paid Antivirus Software. Lots of companies are trying to remove their antivirus products to provide a variety of features. However, you have little to pay for it, of course this would be comparable to what you already spend. Better protection than the free version, see the list of 7 Paid Antivirus Software 2012:

1. Symantec Norton Antivirus

The most trusted Symantec Norton Antivirus has updated its newest product, Norton Antivirus 2011, has been released and offers better performance and better than your PC against viruses and spyware.

2. BitDefender Antivirus Software

One of Online security software to protect your computer against viruses such as Trojans, malware and spyware that can be hidden in your PC memory. Although antivirus software is scanning every file on your hard drive, but no activity caused by malware to enter the network system will automatically detect the malware.

3.Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 is the latest version of one of the most popular antivirus solutions at this time. Many people use security measures to protect their computers against virus attacks, malware, trojans and other malicious files .Antivirus Rookit includes online protection called Network Security. This function will be to maintain or improve the response to new threats on your computer. Just make sure to protect your computer using Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2012 is the e

4. Panda Antivirus

This software is one of the Internet security software that is very popular and easy to use. because only a few steps can make a complete analysis. By using this antivirus you can run in all browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and IE

5.Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus is an antivirus program, or to keep your computer from viruses, Trojans and worms. View a list of security permissions, and very light. Trend Micro Antivirus 2011 will cover the basics, providing antivirus, antispyware, phishing protection, spam filtering, two-way firewall, and, unlike other Internet Security suites, is parental supervision.

6. ESET NOD32 Antivirus proactively detects and disables viruses, Trojan horses, worms, adware, spyware, phishing, rootkits. It includes advanced archive scanning, access to removable media.

7. G-Data AntiVirus is one that is very easy to use antivirus. With easy installation, many people consider this virus as a means to protect your PC. Despite a small problem in the slightly slower performance, G-Data Antivirus is a very strong package overall.

This is an option that we consider and taken from several reliable sources. If you have other options, please share it with us. Of course we will accept all your suggestions with pleasure.

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    Yea, I’m sticking with AVG. Its always been the best for me.

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    yes….i’m agree with you. This article is so interesting and very helped me to know best antivirus! Thanks and god job

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