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Yawcam Security Software

Yawcam is a webcam software product designed for windows, with the structure of java will allow you to use this software. This Windows Software course will assist you in observing all the activities that you make room for storage of important data, such as in computers, home and office.

The main features Yawcam Monitoring Software:

  • available video streaming
  • allows you to view a picture or photo snapshots
  • supported with built-in webserver
  • detects every movement caught on camera
  • ftp-upload
  • equipped with password protection so that other users are not easily stolen
  • online scheduling
  • equipped with support for various languages ​​of the world
  • run on Windows operating systems

Why should Webcam software?

Very important if you use a webcam security software for the protection of all the important things your future life. Prevent the thieves doing activities that harm many people, using the webcam security software you have to prevent crime and protect the privacy of your data. Supervise the behavior of your children who may often use the computer, especially when online you can monitor them in opening any site.

Surely you will regret it if one day all of a sudden all your important data is lost, or spread your privacy. Therefore, preventing it before continuing to use Yawcam Security software. To see more clearly, look at the video below:

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