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Download SocialShield Security Software 2012 For PC


SocialShield is a web-based security services, like SafetyWeb and MinorMonitor. Allows you to get into the console from any computer. Conversely, if ZoneAlarm Social Guard can only be run on the computer where you first login. SocialGuard first page summarizes all the activities that may be problematic, with using dial safeguards green, yellow and red that every color has a their respective functions. Equipped with two levels of warning, which is critical and warning.

Parents will get email alerts associated with critical and this will have an effect more on the overall score. An email that summarizes all the notifications for one week and comes with a link that will explain to you in more detail. SocialShield improve detection of language problems with the content, some posts will be marked if there is the wrong vocabulary.

SocialShield That is security software allows you to always keep an eye on the pc always been used by many people, whether it’s the children, parents and even your brother. Will this software analyze the activities of friends and warn if there are analytical SocialShield problematic. Algorithms to analyze the relationships are proprietary. They don’t want pedophiles gaming systems, so They Don’t mention the details are clear. Immediately download and install on your PC, you definitely don’t feel like other people or your family who talk dirty and act strangely. Don’t let the bad Things That Happen!

Facilitate parents to monitor children from Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google + and  other. Offers a full schedule of activities in all tissues. Including assistance in helping finally cyberbullying.

can’t work well when there is no good participation from the children. Display friends or photos uploaded yet only a few.

SocialShield Allows users to track all activities of your children in Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Google + and Formspring. Social control your children to know with whom they befriend. This is one of the monitoring tool impressive.

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