Download Monitoring Surveillance Software – Spector Pro APK For Windows

Free Spector Pro Surveillance Software

Spector Pro 2012 allows you to have insight into a broader or comprehensive that relates to what a person can do on the computer. This surveillance software  also monitors peer-to-peer connection. You can open the incoming mail or outgoing mail and attachments, in addition to this application can prevent access to web sites you deem inappropriate for children and your employees.

Download Free Spector Pro For Monitoring Windows PC

Spector Pro For Monitoring Windows PC


  • You can see the 10 keywords that are detected
  • Monitoring each web page being accessed in a computer
  • Allows you to be able to see all the applications that are used every day
  • blocking access to sites that either lack or a particular site users
  • Look for features quickly and will find the words that you want
  • Review all chat and instant messaging
  • Intuitive interface that even computer novices should find easy to use

This windows software is a spy who completely hidden and monitors all computer performed. SpectorSof will provide technical support 7 days a week, with a very impressive customer support.

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