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AppRemover is a security software designed by OPSWAT that allows users to remove the antivirus, antispyware and other security software is not needed by the PC. In other words, this software will allow you to clean up any remaining files and incomplete uninstallations from the computer. So as to maximize PC performance and you no longer need to bother with registry problems. Looking for antivirus solution? Then the answer is AppRemover.

How to use AppRemover? See the steps below:

1 Perhaps the user forgets the password in a security app that you want to access, but could not. Thus, he wanted to remove it from the PC. It is very simple.
- Run the software and click “next”
- Select “delete security app” and wait until the scan has finished AppRemover
- Select the software you want to install and install as usual

2 How to use AppRemover to clean up a failed software / uninstall. An incomplete uninstall can also occur when the engine is frequently stopped during installation, leaving the product in an unstable state where it is not functional enough to uninstall, but many of the files and OS objects left behind. The worst part of this case is that Windows did not detect any security application is not running. This is so the user is prompted to return the machine back to its original state, or the term re-install windows.

- Applications open
- Run the application and click “Next”.
- Select “clean up a failed uninstall”
- Wait until AppRemover finished scanning the computer and determine which applications are installed properly. takes about 15 minutes.

Download Free & Install AppRemover Security Software For Windows


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