Do I need anti virus software?


Do You Really Need Anti-Virus Software?

You may ask yourself, do I really need anti-virus software for my computer? Then, the simple answer is yes. Here is a further explanation on why subscribing to an anti-virus package is important in ensuring the health of your computer.

Your PC Is Not Immune – No matter how stable you think an operating system is an attacker can still exploit it. Though your operating system continuously updates several security vulnerabilities and issues periodically, these are the exact fixes that malware writers exploit. Fortunately, for those using a Linux or Mac you may get away with not using anti-virus software since malware writers do not focus on breaching these systems. However, as the popularity of Macs increase so will the number of malware writers interested in breaching their system.

Even if You Practice Good Internet Behavior You Are Still Vulnerable – Visiting porn sites and illegitimate downloading websites places your computer system at a higher risk of infection. However, legitimate websites can also be compromised. So even if you practice good internet behavior by only visiting genuine websites, you can still put your machine at risk.

Malware Writers Exploit Unpatched Systems – The top threat in Windows PCs is the Win32/Conficker. An October 2008 patch released by Microsoft blocks this threat. The top threats are all based on vulnerabilities that patches should have been able to block. But it is not just Windows patches that are a threat, other commonly used programs such as Adobe Flash, PDF Reader and Microsoft Office are also vulnerable. Typically the vulnerabilities have been patched quickly by software manufacturers, however if you did not install or update this patch you remain vulnerable.

Most Malware is Installed Voluntarily – The most common and deadly threats on your system are Trojans which are spread through social engineering. A malware writer will convince a user to run a program that in reality performs a much more sinister task. For example, a certain software manufacturer may claim that their program is a new video playback plugin however it may be secretly stealing passwords and sending spam.

In order to protect your computer from malware attacks, it is important to invest in a proper anti-virus software program.

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