Digital Camera Security System to Add Home Security System

SVAT Wireless Cam For Home

A home security system will be discussed again. On this occasion we will introduce a bit about SVAT Wireless Cam. This is a digital security system monitors equipped with technology like DVR. Its main function is to allow you to be able to record or monitor the video in any room, both indoor and outdoor. The designers of this home security system I can say very creative and clever, they just design a simple, easy to understand and easy to use. Not many other digital security systems,which sometimes many steps that must be taken in order to enable this kind of thing.

Digital Camera Security System to add home security

SVAT Wireless Cam

DVR surveillance system comes with a 2GB SD card, so you can record and save the video to the duration of 350 minutes without stopping. It also included 18 infrared LEDs that provide quality images or video very clearly up to 40ft, even in dark conditions. You can play the video display or connect to a TV screen 7 by using a cable. So to say SVAT Wireless Cam is ideal for monitoring all of the circumstances, such as the entrance to your home or business, backyard, maids, nannies, your valuables, and employees.

With this digital camera security system, you can communicate with employees or visitors from afar. The monitor and camera have a built-in microphone and speaker, so you can safely communicate with people from different areas. You can even put the camera in the entrance-way so you don’t need to open the door to strangers.

Key Features:

  • all home security can be guaranteed
  • a security system that covers all your needs in recording and making videos
  • ┬ásurveillance systems, cameras, monitors, and DVR are in the dream by everyone
  • allowed to use the intercom to communicate with others from a distance
  • simple, attractive design and easy to use
  • Choose to Start w / 1 or 2 cams & Expand Up to 4


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