Delete Fake Antivirus – Remove and Uninstall Windows Trouble Taker?

How to Remove Windows Trouble Taker For Windows Xp/ Vista/ 7?

We have a lot of talk about fake antivirus, this time coming from the Windows Trouble Taker. A rogue anti-spyware designed by cyber criminals to trick computer users so that they are willing to buy antivirus software fully. Windows Trouble Taker actually comes from the Rogue FakeVimes, this program is set to display the number of false reports that you will find in the PC. The goal is nothing for you to buy their antivirus products, so be careful!

Windows Trouble Taker has two kinds of deployment, the first with how to use a hack that exploits Web site visitors to install the program vulnerable to rogue program without the knowledge of the user PC. And the second way is through the online virus scanner. Perhaps this is the way the two people fooled, because it pretends to be anti-malware that is able to scan your computer and secure it from the threat of viruses, malware, spyware, and hackers.

Then how do I recognize this malware infected computers? It was very easy ….. Once Windows is installed Trouble Taker accidentally on your PC, it will impact emerging. Which will first perform a virus scan, after it reported that your computer is infected with viruses. Then the report is also accompanied by a security software offerings, this course scam / can not be trusted. Since all the scans, scan reports and all that is false. While Windows Trouble Taker spread and damage many systems in the PC. It will not be found comfort in running PC. For example, if you want to run any executable that can be set to stop automatically. Windows Trouble Taker will hijack the Windows Task Manager and Registry editor so that when you start them, malware instead will open the Advanced Process Control on the screen, which acts like a task manager. Below is the sound of the report is false:

Firewall has blocked a program from accessing the Internet
C: program files internet explorer iexplore.exe
suspected to have infected your PC. This type of virus intercepts enter data and submit them to a remote server.

Trying to change a registry key entry is detected. Analysis of registry entries are encouraged.

Deleted Fake Antivirus - Remove and Uninstall Windows Trouble Taker

Windows Trouble Taker

Well …. how do I remove it? There are two ways you can use to remove this malware. By using Anti-Malware and a manual. For the manual method you can see it in But you need to remember is to use the manual method is recommended for computer experts, because if it is still not good at the computer when there is an error will cause fatal damage to the PC. And by using security software, can be seen in the video below: (Install Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or Spyware Doctor).

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