Data Encryption Software For Windows 64-bit and Windows Vista

[REVIEW] Exlade Cryptic Disk 3 Software For Windows OS

Exlade Cryptic Disk 3 is a security software that works to protect your important data from unauthorized access. The program is intentionally designed to create a virtual encrypted disk and hard disk encryption, USB drives and memory cards. Thus allowing you to keep all important information and personal computers both in the home or office. Can be said Exlade Cryptic Disk 3 thatone uses data encryption algorithm is best, that modern cryptographic algorithms (AES / Rijndael, Serpent, Twofish, Blowfish, CAST6). The performance of the encryption software is truly extraordinary, because it has been proved to protect important data from thieves.
Perhaps in its application, folder or file is encrypted if it is encrypted is marked or not? But the fact that the folder or file you want to protect are securely encrypted. Additional protection can be provided by using steganography, that is by creating an encrypted disk hidden inside other folders. Data encryption software enables users to increase the size of the encryption key to the boundary condition of 356-2944bit encryption cascade / use some algorithm to encrypt data in accordance with the order. Proved in this way increase the protection of your data encryption.

Exlade Cryptic Disk 3is designed to support XTS mode, which is a specially developed technology to encrypt data a disk. It also Exlade Cryptic Disk 3 offers a powerful protection to prevent brute force password attacks according to the PKCS. The addition of a virtual keyboard that allows users to enter a password from keyloggers. Exlade Cryptic Disk 3 can also function in a portable mode, which doesn’t require that it first be installed on the computer before use.

Data Encryption Software - Download Exlade Cryptic Disk 3 For Windows

Exlade Cryptic Disk 3

Key Features:

  • allows you to encrypt a file or folder, so ensure that the data is completely safe.
  • You can also encrypt an entire disk partitions and other drives such as memory card, pendrive, USB drives, etc.
  • Encryption of your data in real-time and will not interfere with the performance of your PC / doesn’t slow pc
  • virtual keyboard that will allow users to enter a password from keyloggers and make it difficult for thieves to access the device you are using
  • Portable mode – you don’t need to install encryption software, since portable mode is available that can be directly connected to the computer.
  • Support for different cryptographic algorithms to encrypt data: AES / Rijndael, Serpent, Twofish, Blowfish, CAST6.
  • Support for encryption cascade, which is a use of a cryptographic algorithm to encrypt data in accordance with the order. It also serves to increase the cryptographic strength of the encryption software provided by the disk, increasing the size of 256-2944 bit encryption key in XTS mode
  • Support for the use of different algorithms for the derivation of the key header: HMAC-SHA-512, HMAC-RIPEMD-256, HMAC-Whirlpool
  • Friendly interface, simple and easy to use

Are you waiting for? Now is the time you need to protect important data by using data encryption software, one of the best is Exlade Cryptic Disk 3. Don’t get viruses, spyware and thieves can access your data. Good luck and success!


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