Data Encryption Protection 2012 – Free File Encryption XP Software

Need a security program for your computer? Puzzled to find security software that can hide all your important data? Find ways to make your important information is not stolen? Why be confused if there is a File Encryption XP. Is one of the security software that can encrypt all the files of various formats, like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. As one of the encryption software that has been tested properly, thisĀ  will protect all your important information in order not to be seen or accessed by anyone. By using the Blowfish password encryption algorithm is reliable and very safe to encrypt important data. Even the encrypted passwords are not saved, this will create a highly secure encryption.

By applying a very comprehensive protection, the design of the interface of File Encryption XP is very pretty and easy to use. So that anyone, or maybe the first time using security software can access it easily and quickly, without having any special training or other additional software. This program adds items into Windows Explorer popup menu to simplify encryption, decryption and wiping tasks.

In many cases, perform the after removal of the original file or folder is encrypted it is not safe. Because the standard Windows deletion methods can still restore these files as they are. By using this free encryption software, has the ability to delete files that are very reliable. So you can delete the original files after the encrypted so as not to be stolen by others. Just give me a copy!

File Encryption XP is set automatically in order to log all programs. Allows you to remember what you did through the log file. With this you can turn off this option if you prefer to use the additional security and don’t want to keep a record of your activity. When the program starts, it looks for all encrypted data on the current media and displays the list on the panel “Search”. “Search” panel groups the encrypted files in one place making it easier to access. This panel will help you in deleting files that have been encrypted.

How to Encrypt file data in windows xp and mac os

File Encryption XP Software

Key Features File Encryption XP:

  • Encrypt all files and folders using the blowfish algorithm
  • decrypt all files and folders
  • create self-extracting encrypted files before doing
  • delete files and folders permanently main
  • protect all your important data
  • has a password generator that has been adjusted
  • install the program to Removable Device such as a USB memory stick
  • find the encrypted file as a group and automatically
  • memory blocks will be removed if it is not used anymore
  • log all file operations to the program
  • no software backdoors into the program or file

Additional Features

  • all user settings will be saved automatically;
  • allows you to encrypt data to various formats, such as Ms. Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • interface that allows us to access the encryption software

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