Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012 For Windows Vista and Xp

Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012 is an antivirus software that can prevent or laptop computer from viruses, malware and spyware. Is a very good antivirus solutions for your internet security. Antivirus technology used is focusing on prevention rather than detection. It’s been proven that the security program is based on a virus protection shield of any kind will not be able to penetrate it. If you are looking for an antivirus to protect your PC? Then the Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012 is the solution!

Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012 offers a protection from malware or virus attacks in real-time. Not only prevent the virus, malware, trojan and other harmful file types into the PC, but keep your PC’s performance remained stable. The developers of security softwareis very professional, if you use your PC infected with a virus then this software engineers will fix the problem without you having to spend any additional fees. With a simple interface, light and easy to control yourself extra points for this antivirus. Provide protection day and night, is really great security tool!

Download Free Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012 For Windows Xp and Vista

Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012

Key Features:

  • provide pro-active protection that serves to isolate the threat of malicious files. it’s like a virus scan for any files that exist in the PC, Cloud will only allow access to the file is completely clean of viruses
  • auto technology sandbox that serves to reduce disruption to the user, in this case the malicious file will not damage the Windows registry and other critical data
  • allows you to schedule scans or antivirus updates are automatically
  • remove all types of malware and spyware
  • protect your computer from online threats like hackers, identity theft and virus
  • offers live chat for 24 hours for those of you who want to deal with Comodo Internet Security 2012 technicians at no additional cost
  • you can run on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP (32-bit and 64 bit versions available)

Actually there are many features available in Comodo Internet Security Pro 2012, but above we show only the main points only. If you want to get antivirus software, please visit To be sure all your internet security will be maintained from a variety of malware attacks, viruses, spyware, trojans and other malicious files. Below are videos of Comodo Internet Security 2012!

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