Best Tips Antivirus Solutions – How to Use Windows Security Center

Best Tips Antivirus Solutions – How to Use Windows Security Center

best antivirus solutions - how to use Windows Security Center

Windows Security Center

Windows Security Center to increase security on your computer that you use only by examining some of the important status of security on your computer. This includes the examination of a firewall, anti-malware software, internet security solutions and user account control settings. If the security windows detects a problem with any of these things, then Windows Security Center will tell you by displaying a red shield icon. In essence this is a genuine product of Windows you want to help you in maintaining and protecting your computer from malicious various attacks such as malware, spyware, adware, viruses, etc..


Firewalls can help you prevent hackers or other malicious software into your computer and access it without permission in advance to you. The malware usually go when the Internet connection. Not only that, Firewall serves also as a means stop the spread of malicious software to other computers.

How to enable firewall: Click Start-> Control Panel-> Open Security Center-> Click Firewall and enable it now. (Don’t forget to enter user and password as an administrator)

Update Automatically

Windows provides a service that can be set to allow it to update automatically. go into the security center to make sure it is active. If you turn off this feature, it will display a window with a red shield icon in the notification area.

Malicious Software Protection

Windows Security is obviously going to protect your computer from malicious software attacks or malware, spyware, viruses, etc.. Windows Security Center will make sure you use antivirus solutions or anti-spyware in setting up-to-date or that feature is turned off. If in the off state, then t Security will display a notification and put a Security Center icon Picture a red shield in the Security Center notification area.

To install or update anti-malware software: Click Start-> Control Panel-> Open Security Center-> Click-malware protection> click the button under Virus protection or Spyware and other malware protection, and then choose the options you want.

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