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How to Choose Top Firewall Security Software For Windows and Mac OS

Firewall protection is also one of the factors that affect performance a device. Because it is also important firewall security software, a firewall should offer a security that is able to keep the computer from outside attacks, such as hackers, malware, spyware, cookies and viruses. There are some products that offer filtering software internet security or firewall protection by restricting the existing content.

Function of existing Firewall hides your IP address while surfing the internet, as if you are using a variety of iP address different and hide the actual IP address. It also will prevent the hackers or intruders to know your personal identity. There are several criteria for Firewall Security Software, see below:

1. Security Enhancements
A good Firewall Security software and computer experts is recommended that includes a variety of advanced technologies, such as Antivirus, Anti-Malware, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Phishing, etc.. Including parental control, as most of a security software product will be in demand by the public is that this feature existed. Because it is easier for parents to supervise the activities of their children in using a PC, whether for good things or even open up sites that do not deserve?

2. Friendly interface, easy installation & Control
There are many antivirus that offers good protection to remove viruses, malware and other malicious files. However, sometimes the manager forgot to ease and simplify the user interface design. So instead make users feel it difficult to arrange. Thus, a simple and easy it is to be the best choice, do not forget to also function just like any other software firewall.

3. Help & Support
A good security software is to provide guidance to make it easier for beginners to use an antivirus product. Each of these antivirus products should also provide online services to computer users can immediately contact them if that helps. By this means there is good communication and will make an antivirus that will be trusted.

Download Top Free Firewall Security Software For Windows and Mac OS

Firewall Security Software

Maybe it’s some things you can make a pedestal if you want to use a Firewall Security Software. Here we will also write down the List of Top 10Firewall Software:

  1. ZoneAlarm PRO Firewall
  2. Panda Global Protection 2012
  3. F-Secure Internet Security
  4. ESET Smart Security 5
  5. Comodo Internet Security
  6. Net Firewall 2012
  7. Rising Firewall 2011
  8. Outpost Firewall Pro
  9. Online Armor Premium
  10. BitDefender Internet Security 2012

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