Best Security Software – Get Norton Antivirus 2012 Beta For Windows

One thing that will continue to develop the technology, especially internet. Increasingly cybercriminals trying to created the new viruses that are more intense in the target on a computer or laptop. To prevent this, you should need antivirus software that provides protection at any time / real-time, so if there is a new type of virus or malware can be removed immediately. Well …. antivirus solution is Norton Antivirus 2012.

Remember every day we use a computer or laptop for work activities, playing or just surfing. That are potentially infected with viruses or malware, especially when it was a lot of fake antivirus. There are several additional features available in Norton Antivirus 2012:

  • faster scan performance
  • in real-time protection
  • easy access to the menu “Control Center”

Norton Protection Software includes 4 layers of Protection that is designed to remove all the viruses, malware, trojans, worms and various other dangerous file types are pro-active. So that makes you calm in using computers, not to worry anymore against virus attacks.

Main features of the Norton Antivirus 2012 Beta:

  • protect all devices already installed in your computer from the dangers of downloading files, IM, junk messages that might contain viruses
  • which limits the bandwidth management norton antivirus update every month
  • Insight 2.0 download menu that serves to tell you how stable download
  • Norton Recovery Tools that can help eliminate the threat buried in the PC operating system
  • Supported programs include: Internet Explorer, Firefox, AOL, Chrome, Safari, Opera, QQ, MSNMessenger, MSN Explorer, Yahoo (IM), MSN, Outlook, Windows Mail,
  • Thunderbird, Limewire, Bittorrent, FileZilla
  • blocks or identified hazardous sites that contained viruses or malicious files if you open it
  • prevent access to data theft, personal accounts such as online bank accounts
  • allows you to monitor your children when using computers
  • improve the performance of your PC or laptop since this security software running behind

Make sure you always update your antivirus software, since it affects the increase of new virus protection. To view a video demo of How to Download Norton Antivirus 2012 is below:

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