Best Review McAfee Database Security 2012 For Windows and Mac

Review McAfee Database Security 2012

For many organizations, companies or any forum in the event of data loss is a disaster. Many of the causes which lead to the data that we store in your computer or laptop is lost, one of which may be caused by viruses and malware. To prevent this from happening, you should immediately use the security software or if you already use a security program, maybe it’s the best? Here we will inform you of a security software that can protect your business database, with advanced protection technology that will help you in terms of database security. This is the McAfee security software Database Security.

McAfee is the best database security solution that integrates with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software (McAfee EPO) to facilitate the management of database security. There are many features available on the McAfee Security database, for more details, let us read together the following:

McAfee Database Monitoring Activity

This feature serves as a protector of your database from the threats posed from the outside / external and internal. Provide protection in real-time without disrupting the performance of other software running on the computer or your laptop. It also provides advanced audit reports to help meet the PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITECH, SAS 70 and makes it easy for you to repair the vulnerability patch with virtual technology, as a whole is the best solution in improving the security of the database.

McAfee Database User Identifier

In this feature, it is accurate to track the activities of end users when using your computer that are all collected from application to database, making it possible to keep users accountable for their transactions and help to bring the organization into compliance with data security regulations.

McAfee Security for Database Scanner

This is what I most like about McAfee, can automatically find the existing database in your network, allowing you to determine whether the latest patches are applied, the test for the strength of passwords, default accounts and security for all databases.

All the security of the database is secure when you use this McAfee Security Database. No need to worry anymore when if easy Hiang as a virus or malware, security software will also protect all your business critical data from hackers or data theft. Please see the demo video below:

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