Best Rated Internet Software

Best Rated Internet Software

 What is the best rated internet software?

Your browsing experience depends on what type of internet software you use. While there are a number of different browsers that consumers can download for free, only a handful are good enough for daily use. The best rated internet software offers its users an error-free browsing experience while maintaining adequate upload and download speeds.

Built for Speed

The best rated internet software in terms of speed is Google Chrome. Users have reported superior browsing speeds when using Google Chrome, even when the internet speed is less than adequate.

Google Chrome is also able to handle a variety of websites really well, including those that are Flash-based. When dealing with Flash and Java, users have experienced little problems with browsing and loading speeds.


Google Chrome again tops the list for browsing security. It comes packed with a variety of security features that keeps track of malicious websites and lets you know whether or not the website you’re attempting to download from will harm your computer. Chrome is also well-known for its superior popup blocking feature.

Safari is also well rated in this category, however, this browser is only compatible with Apple operating systems.


Most or all computers that come pre-loaded with Windows operating systems have Internet Explorer pre-installed as the primary browser. Internet Explorer, however, is one of the lowest rated browsers in existence.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are compatible with all operating systems. People tend to download either one and use them as their primary browser in place of Internet Explorer.

For both Windows and Apple operating systems, Google Chrome is much more compatible than Firefox.

The Verdict

In every aspect, Google Chrome is by far the best rated internet software. Chrome always maintains exceptional browsing and loading speeds and rarely crashes. The browser also offers a variety of quick search features and add-ons that are not found with any other internet software.

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