Best Project Management Software – Download OmniPage Professional 18

Free Review OmniPage Professional 18

OmniPage Professional 18 is one of the project management software that allows computer users to convert pages into PDF format, with a short time and you can set all archive documents in a neat and beautiful. Remarkable accuracy, combined with batch processing and comprehensive networking features, making the perfect choice for organizations of all kinds. So you don’t have to bother to retype or edit it again. Simply by using OmniPage Professional 18, all work well and quickly resolved.

By using one of product OCR software, means you have been saving money and time. Because OmniPage able to eliminate retyping, so the task will automatically become more effective. Equipped with WYSIWYG HTML technology that allows you to convert documents directly into Web pages with just one click of a button. Converted Web pages including graphics and pictures while you retain the exact look and feel of the original document.

The advantage of OmniPage Professional 18 software management
maintaining the data file format, despite being converted to look exactly like the original
make the data or documents without changing the existing text
Batch convert paper and PDF files into documents you can edit and archive
Automate data collection
Connect with leading cloud storage service and convert documents in it
Provide good performance and help you work quickly
save time and save money

Display PDF produced by OmniPage Professional 18 provides a data accuracy according to the original file, it displays the layout, text, graphics and tables. No one if you are using OmniPage Professional 18 as one project management software you use to assist you in completing your job quickly and easily, especially with the job that every day must deal with data that many and important

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