Best Home Security System 2012 (Part II)

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See previous listing in the Best Home Security System 2012 (PART I). Associated with Home Security System best of 2012, we want to continue on this article. The number of home security company for you, make sure to use one of them confused? Most people decide this issue based only on price and not pay attention to quality and service. But you do not have to worry and wonder anymore to look for it, because we have it all summarized below:

6. Broadview Security

As one of the big and trusted companies in the security industry, offering a home security solutions at affordable prices. Allows you to monitor the home of all sizes, including burglar alarms, detectors and smoke detectors carbon monocyida. The security system used by the tool is based on a reliable, secure homes and office space as well as a theft deterrent.


works using GSM technology over the wireless network that can protect your home or office for 24/7. What is interesting from a home security system is able to work with the maximum power outages though, this is a feature not shared by most other security camera.

8. Alarm teamHow to Find & get best home security system 2012

9. First Alert (Honeywell)

Designed using Honeywell Tuxedo Touch, a security technology that serves as a home or business control, keypad security system, camera viewer and digital photo frame all in one. Magnificent with touch screen (7 resolution) provides you with the easiest way to automate and control your security system, heating and cooling, door locks, shades, lighting.

10. Protection One

See the video below to find out about Protection1

Not agree with this list? If you do feel there is a better and proven, please feel free to share with us and to all the readers know it too. Thank you and good luck :)

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