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Best Free Review Recovery Software

Download Free Best Data Recovery Software for Windows

Data Recovery Software

RecoveryFIX is a data recovery software designed for computers using Windows operating systems. This windows software has the ability to restore or recover data and files that were deleted directly or unintentional from the Recycle Bin. Equipped with FAT and NTFS system that allows users to restore all windows partition data that has been reformatted.

The workings of RecoveryFIX is scanning the data on the Hard Drive, making it very efficient to restore lost data or could not be accessed again. The data has been recovered will be displayed in Windows Explorer and allows you to access it again. There are three types of scans in this software which serves for data recovery, the Quick Scan, Extensive Scan and File Trace.

The best method is to use Extensive Scan, because I’ve proven myself. Perform re-format files and data deleted on the drive, it will recover after you activate the Advance Scan to support it. These are the weaknesses of the Quick Scan, which has been reformatted data can’t be returned again by the feature. You just need more time when doing a scan on the computer to recover all data on your hard drive.

Key Features:

  • equipped with technology that allows the FAT and NTFS and to recover data that has been lost
  • see all the data is missing in Windows Explorer and run it back
  • complete control of lost files caused by viruses, malware or other harmful files
  • Data can be recovered if MBR, Boot Sector or File allocation table will be lost and even if the MFT gets corrupted
  • backed up data recovery from EIDE, IDE, SCSI and SATA, PAN, ZIP and USB drives.
  • The new window that will display a notification when a new version and you are requested to update

Immediately download and install RecoveryFIX software on your computer. Don’t get the data that is critical go away without a good backup. You will feel angry or disappointed to know important data just disappear as jobs data, thesis statements, school work or something. To find out more, please see the video below

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