Best Free Android Home Security Apps Boost Your Defenses

What the best home security systems 2012 for Android?

Don’t buy a good phone just for style or follow the trend? But the advantage of the facilities presented by the mobile phone. One example is the issue of security systems. Actually you can make an Android phone as a home security system. How do I?

Download and install security app that functions as a home security system, so that the software will allow you to keep the home, office, shops and other places in which if the store valuables. When we saw the news on television, many cases of theft, robbery, etc which usually occurs in locations that not many people. Well …. so you don’t become the next victim? So from this moment make sure you use a home security system. And security systems that you can access via Android phone, anywhere, anytime. Karl Bauer, a retired San Diego County Sherriff said that most thieves are not sophisticated and tend to panic if your house immediately hear the alarm sound, because with this all will know the location and can be connected to the local police. So he recommends using Android or tablet for home security systems “. Some Android applications list which could serve as a home security system:

1. The Security System App
Is a security software that you can get for free for customers Home security system is designed with a simple interface and allows users to monitor and control their system, you can even adjust lighting and temperature. Many users who have reported their opinion, and most of them are satisfied with its performance.

2. ElkDroid Home Security System App
This software helps owners of home or office to monitor and oversee all the surveillance cameras captured the state. You can conduct surveillance without anyone else to know, set up lights and thermostats in the home. The controls are simple and friendly interface that is the reason many people like it.

3. Control4 Home Security System App
This is my favorite, the security software that I use to assist in overseeing the affairs of the household. Because the areas I frequent cases of theft, then I tried to use a home security system. And the application is very suitable to solve my problem was. My experience using this camera security system is really nice and overall I was satisfied with its performance.

Maybe it’s some important information we can convey and hopefully useful for those who need it. Make sure you use a security system to keep the home, family and all your valuables are stored therein. To find out more information about home security, click on this link “The Best Home Security System

Best Free Android Home Security Apps Boost Your Defenses

Android Home Security Apps Boost Your Defenses

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  1. Dave A
    Dave A May 11, 2012 at 7:57 pm | | Reply

    Does this app work with a regular camera recorder like this one

    I want to view it at my business from my home.

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