Best Data Backup Solution – Comodo BackUp Software For Windows

Confused to find software that can duplicate our data? Don’t let important documents, music, video, images, etc. is lost before we back up these data. Don’t get viruses and malware into our computer system hard disk. Prevent the use antivirus and Comodo Back-Up Software for storing backup files.

Comodo Backup is a data recovery software that helps you in backing up data, protect critical data against damage or loss, is very helpful for homework problems or your business. This software offers many innovative features, the design of a simple interface, making the job easier for anyone who is new to this software will not be feeling the pinch. Each user also receive 5 GB of free secure online storage space.

Download and Install Comodo Data BackUp Software For Windows

Comodo BackUp Software 2012

Key Features:

  • This software will backup all your data and various format on network drives, external drives, FTP, DVD, CD, ISO, Zip
  • all files will automatically be placed in accordance with their respective categories
  • Comodo backup will give you the freedom to run any combination of full, incremental and differential backup types of synchronization
  • you will get 5Gb of free storage for online storage that you can access from anywhere
  • Play music, watch movies and edit documents directly from the storage as you would a local disk.
  • Because it is integrated with Windows Explorer, then you must select the folder or file if you want the backup
  • all data stored will be secure by implementing file encryption
  • you can set and change the content anytime you want

If you have a problem or not filing of satisfaction with this backup software, then the complaint and may send to Comodo Backup. Because this software has the ability to provide feedback.

Each user get GeekBuddy Backup free for 60 days

Immediately may create a backup of your data? Because we don’t know when the threat of viruses and malware comes with a potentially eliminate key data that we store in your computer or laptop. Moreover, you are a businessman, then the backup data is there something very important. To really keep the entire security of our computer, then use the security softwareor Antivirus Software and Data Recovery Software.

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