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Norton 360 Antivirus Software

Defend your identity, your personal account, your data on your computer using the best antivirus is a very appropriate step to prevent bad things happening, such as data theft and theft of personal accounts, hard disk damage due to viruses / malware or other damage against you. Perhaps many antivirus designed to maintain the security devices we use, such as a computer or laptop, but we need to realize is the best! therefore I will a little help you in choosing the best antivirus to keep your identity and security of our computer. I recommend Symantec’s Norton 360 as one of the best antivirus solution has been tested and proven.

Overall Norton 360 can improve performance on your pc or laptop, backup all data and remove viruses or malware that try to get to the hard disk. It also prevents unauthorized access because it might affect your personal identity theft. Coupled with Insight proprietary technology that would block the virus that emerged and Social Media Scanner feature warns you of a secure site and posting the link up, so you can share a link without worrying about passing on or receiving threats.

There are many features and benefits that you get when using Norton 360 Antivirus software, but here we will explain the main points only. Instantly see below:

  • Stops viruses, worms, malware, spyware and identity theft online
  • scan email messages and delete junk messages
  • remove all illegal and dangerous activities without permission access to the user / admin
  • block or identify malicious sites that contained viruses or malicious files if you open it
  • prevent access to data theft, personal accounts such as online bank accounts
  • allows you to monitor your children when using computers
  • improve the performance of your PC or laptop because of security software is running behind
  • Improved Control Center is available that lets you choose between a simple or a detailed view to access programs and Web-based control service Norton.

Actually there are some proactive steps that you might employ to prevent identity thieves or hackers to access your computer illegally, that is by applying the steps below:

  • Storing important information in computer files using a password and directory
  • Using a password manager that is available in Norton 360 Norton Antivirus Software and Security software in another product
  • learn to recognize the scams that are usually delivered via email
  • reduce the transaction online or if there is a website that asks you to enter the bank account number. Avoid it!
  • Install a personal firewall, antivirus, antispyware, and antispam protection-are all available in a single security suite with Norton Internet Security or Norton 360 from Symantec.

That’s a little explanation about Norton 360 Antivirus software and a few safety tips that may help you. If you have any suggestions, feedback or questions, please contact us. Obviously we will be happy to help you! Good luck and success!

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