Comcast Virus Protection

If you are thinking of switching to a new ISP (internet service provider) but you want to ensure you are as protected as possible with security, Comcast has services available to keep you safe while browsing online. Comcast virus protection is available to all customers of Comcast whether you are a new customer or even an existing customer seeking new options of staying safe while using your computer and browsing online, regardless of the websites that are visited or the content that is viewed. By utilizing a virus protection service, you will ultimately have to spend less time fixing and securing your computer on a regular basis any time you are online.

virus protection for comcastWho Can Use Virus Protection Services With Comcast?

All customers of Comcast have the ability to obtain the security and protection offered from the company. However, Xfinity customers of Comcast are offered the Comcast virus protection plans and services absolutely free of charge as long as an existing plan is in place from the customer.

Features of the Virus Protection Available From Comcast

Comcast virus protection provides safe browsing services that will protect you while you are browsing on any site as long as you are using the Comcast service. If there is an attempt to cause havoc on your computer, you will be alerted so you can choose to leave a website, report it or disregard the warning. The virus protection program also includes the ability to detect if your computer has malicious software installed due to a harmful website. By ridding bots and malicious programs, your computer’s speed will increase and you will no longer experience odd websites loading or an increase of pop-up advertisements and banners.

It is also possible to request assistance at any time with the services to protect customers available from Comcast. Resource guides are also available from Comcast to keep children and anyone in your family safe while browsing online, entering personal information and even communicating with others and exploring new websites. Staying safe and protected online with Comcast will help to keep financial and personal information as secure as possible.

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