Best All In One Security Software

Best All In One Security Software

Best All In One Security Software

Bitdefender Total Security 2013 is a powerful security suite that can credibly make the claim of being the best All In One security software available. It has all the major tools you would expect, including some extra tricks in its bag.


A large notification area at the top of your screen shows your current security status — green for secure, yellow for things that need addressing, and red for urgent security needs.

Located next to the Status area are Settings, Events, and AutoPilot. Settings is a very user-friendly interface with tabs that present options similar to those seen in the main window. You can toggle settings easily using sliders.


The newest edition of Bitdefender features the new Safepay browser. It uses sandboxing technology to shield your operating system, while creating a safe zone for your web browsing experience. Wi-Fi hot spot protection is also available.

Other features include social network protection, access to secure cloud storage, and remote management of virus definitions. Cloud storage offers file sharing, and you can customize the interface. The anti-theft feature lets you locate a missing laptop or device.

In addition to the usual anti-virus and anti-malware detection, Bitdefender’s impressive took kit also sports phishing protection, chat encryption, file encryption, spam guard, and online backup.

Bitdefender also has a reputation engine that periodically checks files previously marked as safe to ensure they have not mutated into dangerous versions.


Too many security suites are overly chatty. They cannot resist constantly reminding you of the terrific job they are doing protecting you. Bitdefender makes most notifications silent. You know you security is up, but not constantly pestering you.

Internet browsing

A security module provides protection for all popular browsers by monitoring traffic before it even reaches you.

Link scanning also protects you when using social media like Facebook. It can scan your wall feeds and news. Twitter support is expected soon.

Bottom line

Bitdefender provides perhaps the best All In One security software at a cost somewhat less than many of its competitors like Kaspersky and Norton, representing an excellent value for your money.

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